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Mirror Self Chatbot

Mirror Self Chatbot is a meditation on the ways in which our online lives are increasingly mediated and filtered through algorithms that are tailored and personalized to us. I'm interested in understanding how our behavior is being shaped by an online world in which everything we think is simply reaffirmed by our news feeds.

Working with Leslie Ruckman, I build a chatbot application that allows the user to exchange SMS texts with their online selves.

The application works by prompting the user to sign into his or her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles. Based on what the user texts the application, it will respond with texts that mimic or copy word-for-word things the user has said online before.

The app was built using JavaScript, NodeJS, Twilio, and Webpack.

Programmer, UX Designer, User Testing

Frontend Development, Twilio, Natural Language Processing (NLP), NodeJS, JavaScript, APIs

December 2016
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