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Data visualization: PayPal’s Privacy Policy

How PayPal Shares Your Data

What kind of data does PayPal share with third parties? How is that data being used?  [Data source]

You can see the full data visualization here.

This interactive piece was developed as a means to illustrate the degree to which digital companies like PayPal rely on third party services, sharing customer data with potentially hundreds of vendors.

In PayPal’s Privacy Policy, the company states that it may share personal information with various third parties, including members of the PayPal corporate family, credit bureaus and collection agencies, law enforcement and government officials, companies with which PayPal plans to merge, and banking partners. Many of these relationships should come as no surprise to consumers: Banking institutions typically share financial information with credit bureaus and collection agencies to prevent fraud.

Much less obvious are some of the terms under which PayPal says it shares information with other unaffiliated third parties. While it is true that banking institutions need to share customer information with other companies in order to keep their customers safe, the broad language and vagueness of some of PayPal’s terms should be troubling to consumers.
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