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The Outrage Machine

The Outrage Machine was a collaboration between Viacom, NYC Media Lab, and ITP that focused on the creation of engaging screen based interactive storytelling experiences that address social outrage. I collaborated on the piece with Zoe Bachman and Katie Temrowski.

Our project examined the implications of state surveillance. How is our online behavior being monitored by the government and other organizations? Who is doing the watching? Where is our personal data being housed? Most importantly, how is that information being used by these organizations?

To stage our idea, my group set up a camera at Viacom that monitored Times Square. On the billboard, audiences saw a giant eye superimposed over the live video feed and watched as the camera zoomed in on individual faces in the crowd and those pictures were dragged and dropped into a folder on a desktop.

The final project was a presentation on Viacom’s external billboard screens in Times Square in January 2016.

Programmer, UX Designer, User Testing

Frontend Development, p5.js, Audio/Visual Production, Interface Design

January 2016
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