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Hi, I’m Becca. ︎

I’m a researcher-programmer-artist exploring feminist approaches to the design of AI/ML technologies and artifacts. I explore how users of tech platforms engage in forms of resistance and exercise control in the face of power asymmetries.

Currently, I’m the Head of Open Source Research & Investigations at Mozilla Foundation, where I study how people interact with algorithms and advocate for greater civil society oversight.

I’m a founding member of tendernet, a feminist collective exploring critical and participatory design practices in AI. We’ve taught workshops and spoken at the Toronto Museum of Contemporary Art, the Walker Art Center, RISD, MIT, and various hackerspaces.

In 2021, I served on the Steering Committee for the Partnership on AI’s ABOUT ML project and Ford Foundation’s Public Interest Technology network, and I was recognized as one of 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics.

Previously, I was a 2017-2018 Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow hosted at Human Rights Watch. Before that, I worked as a design technologist in the tech industry, where I prototyped experiences with emerging technologies.

While completing my master’s degree from NYU-ITP, my research explored how algorithmic categorization on social media operates as a form of ‘soft’ power. In my own creative practice, I use code to machine knit textiles, generate computational texts, create 3D photogrammetric models, and program art bots. You can read more about my creative work and research on my blog

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