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Hi, I’m Becca.

I’m a technologist, researcher, and artist thinking about privacy and computational systems. I currently work at Mozilla Foundation as a researcher, after spending a year as a 2017-2018 Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow at Human Rights Watch.

My work interrogates the ways social platforms collect and monetize data about their users using automated or opaque computational processes. I also explore the ways privacy by design is applied to a rapidly shifting IoT landscape. 

With a master’s degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), my graduate research culminated in a thesis defense presentation and a blog where you can read about my creative work.

Before graduate school, I worked at several tech companies, contributed to independent media projects, and studied Arabic and MENA politics. I hold a B.A. in Middle East Studies/Arabic.

Contact me:
baricks at protonmail.com

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