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Imagining Feminist Interfaces

Imagining Feminist Interfaces: Voice interactions for agency, empowerment, and justice

Design and software have historically served existing power structures. It’s not an accident that our technologies that function as “caregivers” or “secretaries” are designed to have female voices. How can we use speculative design to imagine software that is not only less sexist, subservient, or passive, but also reflects principles of consent, agency, embodied learning, and plurality?

Our project Imagining Feminist Interfaces, developed as part of tendernet, is a zine and a workshop series. 

In the workshop, we worked together to imagine and prototype possible futures for voice technologies. Through a series of speculative design exercises, we discussed what voice technologies and software could look like if we designed them in line with the central commitments of feminism: participation, agency, embodiment, equity, empowerment, plurality, and justice.

In the zine, we outline fundamental principles in feminist and decolonizing Human Computer Interaction (HCI), and think through strategies for integrating those principles into voice technologies.

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